Aluminum Culverts

Aluminum Culverts

Culverts are air gaps that are most commonly used in bathroom and WC ventilation, natural gas covers, doors and windows that need air. In recent years, much attention has been paid to the appearance of grilles for decorative purposes. As Triangle Aluminum, we recommend aluminum profile grilles due to their many shape options, luxurious and modern appearance and long-lasting durability.

Aluminum grilles are available in fixed or hinged inward or outward opening and closing models. Although aluminum standard anodized color is generally in use, anthracite color is also in high demand today. Although linear grilles consisting of parallel strips are mostly preferred in standard use, perforated and expanded (mesh) metal applications are also available to add extra beauty in decorative terms.

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Alüminyum Menfez

We can simply divide the materials of aluminum grilles into three parts: (1) aluminum joinery (profiles) that form the main support and frame of the grille system and (2) aluminum box profiles that will control the passage of light and air in the middle section. These profiles apply to linear grilles, which are in standard use and consist of parallel strips. In recent years, perforated and expanded (mesh) metal applications are also available to add extra decorative beauty. (3) Additional parts of the system such as grille wire, hinge and cover if it has a cover.

Aluminum grille system manufacturing is also a relatively easy process. The aluminum profiles that will form the outer frame (joinery) are supplied painted in the desired color. They are then cut to the desired dimensions, given the required angles and gaps and the frame is completed. Box profiles (or perforated or expanded metals) and aluminum grille wire are then integrated into the interior. If it is a hinged system or a clamshell system, the pre-installation preparations of the additional mechanisms are completed.

As an aluminum culvert manufacturer, we undertake the construction of the entire culvert system, manufacture the parts of the system ourselves and offer assembly service upon request. We manufacture in desired dimensions. We calculate the price according to the weight of the aluminum material used per m2. We have options in all RAL colors, contact us for detailed information. communication communication you can move on.