Steel and Chrome Railing Systems

Steel and Chrome Railing Systems

Steel and chrome railing systems are glazed or unglazed railing systems with a handrail profile made of steel or chrome material. These systems are widely used on balconies, window fronts, stairs, terraces and roofs, pool sides. They are preferred due to their stainless properties and easier shaping compared to their iron counterparts.

Steel or chrome-plated handrails are of course more expensive than aluminum and iron, but they provide very high durability, long life and ease of maintenance. In steel railing systems, the weight of the handrail can be up to 5 kg per meter, while in chrome railing systems it will not exceed 1.5 - 2 kg per meter.

Steel or chrome railing systems are 100% reliable if installed with the right workmanship and are very easy to clean. A soft-tipped brush, soft cloth or sponge and vinegar or simple cleaning agents can be used to wipe the handrails.

Krom Korkuluk

Steel and chrome railing systems have a wide variety of models. Although we can make basic classifications such as square and rectangular handrail applications, vertically aligned strut profiles, horizontally aligned strut profiles, glazed applications, oval handrail applications, countless different designs can be applied within each class. In addition, profiles in the railing system have a wide range of color options (RAL). In common use, metallic gray (anodized), and in recent years, anthracite color, which gives a very modern appearance, is also highly preferred.

The materials of chrome and steel railing systems can be divided into three basic classes. (1) Basic metal materials such as U frame profile and handrail profile for fixing the railing (sub-base) if it is a fixed system, (2) glass or strut profiles that will form the middle section, and (3) fasteners and accessories such as anchor iron, spider connection, screws and adhesive. Additional parts are also available depending on the application. For example, if it is completely fixed to the ground with feet instead of the frame profile, there are extra apparatus such as railing feet, and if it is a glazed system that is not fixed to the ground, there are extra apparatus such as side fittings.

As an aluminum railing factory, we do not manufacture chrome or steel in our factory within Triangle Aluminum. However, with our solution partners, we provide ready-to-use railing systems with all additional accessories and undertake their assembly. For all chrome and steel railing system models, accessories and technical specificationscommunication communication you can move on.